suits episode 3 season 1

He'll want to put a face with your name.
-How do you know?

-Because Robert's a tightwad, and we don't bill you out for nothing.

tightwad けち(スラング

for nothing 見返り無しで、無駄に

He's just a kid. Are you trying to steal his soul before he hits puberty? 
Obviously, I'm long past You're still upset about our labor negotiations.
Well, my workers took a big hit.
And McKernon took a bigger one.
Both of which poised the company to be strong for years.

poise(vi,vt) ~をバランスのとれた状態にしておく、身構える、準備する


I was always straight with you about that.
Sophisticated words for a guy who screwed us.

I'm sorry you feel that way, but you have to admit I did have the courtesy to do it from the front.

from the front

Yeah, he really appreciates what you've done for the company.

We're not paying him what we pay you.
-Nor should you. But I assure you, he's highly effective.

Nor should you. そうする必要はありませんよ。


I assure you 保証します

Expires in six months, with an option to extend exercisable in thirty days.


I made a bet that this company would grow and my billables would grow with it.

make a bet that~

You're going to go through those bylaws and you're going to find me a way to get rid of Robert Stensland.


Did you sleep with it under your pillow? How I sleep is none of your concern.
Yeah, neither is the Yankees batting order, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about it.

Neither is~ neitherなので倒置

Promise me you won't be cocky.

cocky うぬぼれた、生意気な、つけあがった


 Louis really wants to see you, and I don't kid about that.

kid 冗談を言う


Harvey, you knew what the buy-in was.

buy-in 株の買い付け


So, when you select a venue, these foods are not to be on the menu.
Venue for what?

venue 開催地、裁判地


Page 238, clause 137 states, "If the CEO dies, an interim CEO will be appointed "until the Board convenes an election vote, "which can't be called until the next fiscal quarter.
" In this case, next Thursday.

convene (会議を)招集する、(会議が)招集される


Get it through your head.
First impressions last.
If you start behind the eight ball, you'll never get in front.


get in front 正面に立つ


I'm hideous.

hideous 恐ろしい、不快な、忌まわしい、気味が悪い


Apparently, the diligence wasn't proceeding apace.

apace たちまち(副詞)

-proceed apace 速やかに進行する


diligent 熱心な、勤勉な

diligence 勤勉さ


You are a senior partner.
You are not a gunslinger anymore.

gunslinger 仕手投資家、ガンマン

Do you remember that whole "getting it" thing I was talking to you about? What, I can't even gloat? Gloating's fine.
You just have to not suck at it.

gloat ほくそ笑む、あざ笑う、満足する

They're just platitudes that don't mean anything.
Yes, they do.

platitude 中身のないこと、言葉、面白みのないこと

Worked like a charm.

=work like magic 魔法のようによく効く

I've always loved new experiences.
And your parents? They're loaded.

loaded 金持ちの

The least you could do is be honest with Jenny.


Harvey, eye on the ball.
The issue here is you tried to torpedo a client without my consent. That trumps the "who's the client" part.

(keep your) eye on the ball 油断しないで

torpedo~ ~を魚雷で攻撃する、計画をぶち壊す

trump~ ~に勝る

Wait a second.
Louis didn't go to Stensland behind my back.
You sent him there to hedge your bets.
Either Stensland's out and we double our billings, or you have plausible deniability and he stays with the firm.
Wow. Am I smart enough to do that?


Time to pay the piper.
Just so you know, I took the liberty of ordering some really expensive wines.

take the liberty of doing ~させてもらう

That is the last time I am ever ratting on anyone.
So if you fall for it again, it's on you.

rat on~ ~を裏切る

fall for~ ~にひっかかる