You can set up in the conference room.

-Yeah, but I'm just a...

-Get set up in the conferenece room.

set up 準備する

get set up 準備する

-get your computer set up


They are like storm troopers.

-Storm troopers don't write checks.

storm trooper 突撃隊員


I stand corrected. Your "fast times at ridgemont high" quote, that proves you belong at the adult table.


stand corrected 自分の誤りを認める

-I am most happy to stand corrected. 自分の誤りを喜んで訂正します。


"fast times at ridgemont high"(映画のタイトル)



Patent clam. I negotiated the deal to get it done. He agreed to file it for me.  All I have to do is proof his Bainbridge briefs.

proof 校閲する

brief 判決の詳細を含む書類


The fact that you don't know already concerns me. 

-Oh, the patent thing?

-The patent thing is the only paper that's holding up our deal from yesterday.

 hold up~ ~を引き留める、停滞させる


What do you think you're doing?

-Uh..I'm proofing briefs.

-Why? It's Gregory's responsibilities. Why are you handling it?



I know, I can come across a bit prickly.

prickly 短気な

come across~ ~という印象を与える


You caught the discrepancies between listed assets and potential assets. That has a huge impact, Mike.

-But anyone would've caught that, right?

 discrepancy 相違

君はlisted assetsと potential assetsを区別した。これはすごいことだよ、マイク。



Did you serve them with notice of the hearing?

serve 人 with 物 人に~を送る


Let the record show that the cousel is fined $1,000 for failng to follow the posted rules of the court.


Why was't I given the courtesy copy?

-Given the expeditied nature of this hearing, I---

 expedite~ ~の進行を早める、迅速に処理する

-expedite the decision-making 迅速に意思決定をする


If you're gonna screw me, I guess it's only fair that you call me by name.

-I could have you brought up on review for talking to me like that.

 screw~ ~をねじ込む、くしゃくしゃに潰す、こき下ろす(スラング


So why didn't we do that in the first place?

-Because it takes longer, and I wanted to head velocity off at the pass.

-Hey, where are you going?

-To iron out a wrinkle.

in the first place そもそも

head off~ ~を食い止める

head velocity 先端速度 

iron out a wrinkle しわを取る≒問題を解決する


I recall you being tipsy that night, but I'm finding it hard to believe that your memory is so cloudy, you forgot I sent you home in a cab.

tispy ほろ酔いの



I fall all over myself making a pass and you did the right thing and send me home.

fall all over oneself(~ing) 一生懸命する


Perhaps we could discuss a little quid pro quo before I do.

quid pro quo 交換条件


Back in the day, to woo a client you would take him to dinner, you would buy him a drink.

woo(vi,vt) 求める、求婚する


Someone in his generations who shares the same proclivities?

proclivity 性癖、よくない傾向

-proclivity to shoplift


You don't barge in here when I'm on the phone.

berge 突然割り込む

-berge in ノックも無く突然部屋に入る


I told him that Louis put me up to it and that he couldn't trust him. He said that Louis gave him creeps anyway.

put someone up to ~ 人をそそのかして~させる

give someone the creeps ぞっとさせる


He's also the first person that would tell you never to take no for an answer from anyone.

take no for an answer 拒絶を受け入れる

never take no for an answer 決して嫌とは言わせない


I thought you wanted to do nothing with him.

-I didn't. But then I thought about it. And he might not be a very good person, but a little deviousness is the sort of thing you look for in a good lawyer.

-I want someone being devious for me, not to me.

deviousness ずる賢さ、腹黒さ



They know we're stalled on our injunction, which means, to them, they're giving you a fair pricd as an insurance policy against the risk of possibly losing the interference claim.

injunction 差止命令


He's very anxious to meet you.

-You think you can get away with screwing my wife and then have me investigated?

-You actually have it the wrong way around.

anxious to ~ ~したいと強く望んでいる 

wrong way around あべこべに